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The Extract and Distilled of Bamboo Grass(Leaf)

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The Extract and Distilled of Bamboo Grass(Leaf)


Bamboo Grass extract contains antioxidants, polyphenol, flavonoid, organic acid and is used for foods, functional foods, beverages, cosmetics.
Vitamin E, polyphenol compound, flavonoid have strong antibiotic and antioxidative effect, working as a natural preservative, reducing 75% of acrylamide (a carcinogen) produced in processing of fried foods (snacks, fish cakes, chickens).


- For making strong antimicrobials,
- antioxidant, natural preservatives
- For functional foods and cosmetics
- Removing a carcinogen, called acrylamide
- Natural whitening, bleaching
- Removing off-taste and off-flavor