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Bamboo Grass (Leaf) Powder

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Bamboo Grass (Leaf) Powder


Bamboo Grass contains good materials and has been used as a medicinal herb.
Vitamin E, polyphenol compound, flavonoid are working as an antimicrobial, antioxidant, reducing blood pressure, blood cholesterol and good for hardening of arteries, diabetes.
It can replace the conventional synthetic preservatives using for food processing. such as beverages, snacks, breads, meat processing, smoked meats (ham and sausages), processed marine products (salted fishes).


- Adding to noodles (cold noodles, udon, and knife-cut noodles) to give better nutrition
- Adding to tofu (functional tofu)
- Adding to kimchi (suppressing fermentation, maintain PH, increasing expired date)
- Adding to meat (removing off-taste and off-flavor)